By - Master Control Program


To build a great startup, you need a sound strategy.  Complex challenges like sales engineering, partner development, marketing messaging, and fundraising all benefit from experience.  Zenaciti’s CEO, Andrew Plato has 25 years of experience building, leading, and operating a high-tech startup. Andrew and his team of consultants can help with a broad array of business challenges such as:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Building a sales team and setting goals
  • Sales engineering
  • Marketing messaging
  • Partner development
  • Product management
  • HR policies and recruiting
  • Fundraising and pitch books
  • Building an executive team

Zenaciti offers single or long-term engagements to suit the situation.

Zenaciti Strategy engagements typically include:

  1. Situational Assessment: one-on-one discussions with relevant stakeholders to understand the challenges.
  2. Research: To ensure Zenaciti’s strategies are backed with the latest insights and market intelligence.
  3. Strategy Report: A detailed report on Zenaciti’s findings, as well as a remediation plan.
  4. Supporting Content: Where appropriate, Zenaciti can provide templates and content to fulfill key requirements.
  5. Introductions: Zenaciti can facilitate introductions to key vendors, influencers, or investors based on organizational needs.
  6. Coaching. One-to-One coaching with relevant stakeholders to implement strategy components.

Let’s start a chat and find out how Zenaciti can help you.